Staying excited about work every day is hard. Getting sucked into daily tasks and forgetting to look at the big picture is easy.

Maintaining perspective in a high speed world been an ongoing struggle for me. I bet it is for you too. This blog is an experiment. What does it take to stay engaged with the work we originally fell in love with?

What you’ll find here:

  • New resources – New sources of information and inspiration to spice up your life/career
  • Book reports – There are so many books related to professional development, marketing, and growth – I’ll read them and give you quick take-aways, so you’ll know if you want to read them for yourself
  • Tips and new ideas – It is amazing how little things, like looking at your calendar in a different way, can change how you approach your day – I’ll share the tips I find and I hope you’ll do the same

How do you stay engaged? Please share your thoughts!

Rachel Colello