A Step-by-Step Guide to Surviving a Terrible Day at Work


We have all been there. You are minutes away from walking into what you are sure will be the worst meeting of your life. Something has failed, the results aren’t what they should be, and you have to deliver bad news that will make your manager/client/coworker very upset. Your stomach hurts. Your heart is pounding so much you can’t concentrate. And you just wish you could make the problem go away.

The reality is that as you become more successful in your career, more situations will arise that may make you uncomfortable. My husband and I jokingly call these “baller problems” – they are not fun, but if you never had to deliver bad news or face criticism, it would also mean that you have no responsibilities and your career is at a dead end. Ballers make big moves every day, so challenges are bound to arise.

The good news is that you can get better at surviving tough days. The key is spending a little time thinking about how you want to handle yourself in challenging situations, and then putting that game plan into action when they occur…

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