Give Me 3 Tips, Not 33

Give me 3 tips, not 38

Has anyone noticed this getting SO MUCH WORSE in the last six months?  Seriously.  I can’t take it.  I have minutes to consume my media, not hours. I do not want 18 tips.  I can’t even absorb 10.  Give me five really great new ideas and I’ll read your post.  Writing a piece with any more than nine tips/resources/etc. just tells me that you don’t know how to prioritize or you were trying to hit a word count goal.  Obviously, I have been ranting about this for years (see my previous post below). And now I’ll go back to yelling at kids to get off of my lawn…

What is going on with tip and resource posts these days?!

“38 resources for busy marketers”

“50 tools for improving your SEO”

“39 tips for nailing your next job interview”

Has anyone else noticed this trend on social media?  Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are full of similar headlines.  Why the big numbers, folks? I guess I’m impressed that you found so many resources for me, but as you mention in your headline, I am busy.  I don’t want to sort through 38 resources.  I would like to read about your three favorites, please.  Maybe five if they are all awesome.

To be honest, I know I have been guilty of this as well.  Not on this blog, but in other situations where I have been tasked with doing research for someone or tasked with brainstorming ideas. When you are managing up, it doesn’t help to dump 38 ideas on someone’s desk unless they specifically asked for that many.  When in doubt, give your manager your best three and let them know you have 35 others, if they’d like to review them.

Harvard Business Review recently did a series on managing up that I will be reading in detail.  You know how I love HBR.  Have you noticed this trend too? Share your thoughts below!


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