Where Do You Save Good Ideas?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Do you have a system for saving good ideas either when you think of them or when you see/read/hear them?

Kimberly Wilson (I’ve written about her in the past) carries a small idea notebook in her bag to capture thoughts while she’s on the go and she also has a robust planner/organizer system to keep all of her thoughts and plans in one place.

Suzanne Forman, a blogger and fiction writer, also touts the power of a hardcopy idea journal, saying it is invaluable for collecting thoughts about her stories or future content in the heat of the moment, no matter where she is or what she is doing.

Copyblogger published a useful and detailed post on saving good ideas for content – strongly recommending that readers choose one method of collecting good ideas (digital or manual) and stick with it.

I love the idea of collecting good ideas. I struggle with the practice of keeping them all in one place.

I keep ideas everywhere. I have a multiple public and private Pinterest boards. I save good articles on Facebook, my Apple News app, and Feedly. I keep a journal in my bedroom because I try not to use technology there. I keep multiple notes in my phone, some of which stay on my phone and some of which sync to my laptop.  I used to be an avid post-it user, but I’ve mostly weaned off of those to save paper.

But I have to be honest… this has yet to be a problem for me. I can almost always go back and find an idea if I need it. And if I just want to brainstorm ideas for a new blog post, then I pick a location and skim through it before moving on to the next one. Yes, I could absolutely be more organized. But maybe this is a situation where organization for the sake of organization isn’t truly critical.

Do you have a system for saving good ideas that you love? Convince me!



  1. Good thoughts… I like the journal idea. Right now I just write them down on little sticky pads, what a mess trying to find something. I also use the note section in my phone which is better organized


  2. Equally scattered. Apple Notes, One Note, written journal. Reminds me of what they say about cameras…. the best camera is the one in your hand. So I’m always relieved when I capture these ideas, but I’m always looking for better ways to do so. Thanks!


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