You Can Survive the Work Day on No Sleep (The Second Baby Version)


I read through this original post today and couldn’t help but laugh at myself. Don’t get me wrong, when she was tiny, baby girl #1 woke up just as much as any other newborn. But then she stopped… completely. Her worst nights after about four months of age meant one or two wake-ups at most. Baby girl #2? She scoffs at any type of predictable wake-up schedule.

So what would I change about this post now that I REALLY know what sleep deprivation is like? A couple things…

Bright lights help.

Seriously, anytime you have to sit still, access as much natural light and/or bright light as possible. It will trick your brain into wanting to be awake, no matter how physically tired you are.

Again, do not sleep in.

I know it seems crazy, but I actually find that I need more time to wake up in the morning when I’ve had a rough night’s sleep. Getting up 30 minutes earlier means I get to sit with a cup of coffee before I try to think or make any decisions. Your brain isn’t firing on all cylinders when you get less than five hours of sleep (it’s the same as being drunk), so don’t try to make it work hard before it has a chance to wake up.

Fit in a laugh or a supportive pep talk.

Spy agencies use sleep deprivation as a torture tactic for a reason. It can really mess with you. It is best to acknowledge this and address it head on. Plan some fun in your day, whether that means fitting in 15 minutes of Family Guy while you eat dinner or calling a funny friend from the car while you commute. Keep your spirits up and your entire day will go more smoothly.

Otherwise, I think the standard advice applies. Check out my original post about surviving the work day on no sleep and share your thoughts below!



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