You Can Survive the Work Day on No Sleep (The Second Baby Version)


I read through this original post today and couldn’t help but laugh at myself. Don’t get me wrong, when she was tiny, baby girl #1 woke up just as much as any other newborn. But then she stopped… completely. Her worst nights after about four months of age meant one or two wake-ups at most. Baby girl #2? She scoffs at any type of predictable wake-up schedule.

So what would I change about this post now that I REALLY know what sleep deprivation is like? A couple things…

Bright lights help.

Seriously, anytime you have to sit still, access as much natural light and/or bright light as possible. It will trick your brain into wanting to be awake, no matter how physically tired you are.

Again, do not sleep in.

I know it seems crazy, but I actually find that I need more time to wake up in the morning when I’ve had a rough night’s sleep. Getting up 30 minutes earlier means I get to sit with a cup of coffee before I try to think or make any decisions. Your brain isn’t firing on all cylinders when you get less than five hours of sleep (it’s the same as being drunk), so don’t try to make it work hard before it has a chance to wake up.

Fit in a laugh or a supportive pep talk.

Spy agencies use sleep deprivation as a torture tactic for a reason. It can really mess with you. It is best to acknowledge this and address it head on. Plan some fun in your day, whether that means fitting in 15 minutes of Family Guy while you eat dinner or calling a funny friend from the car while you commute. Keep your spirits up and your entire day will go more smoothly.

Otherwise, I think the standard advice applies. Check out my original post about surviving the work day on no sleep and share your thoughts below!



Not Everyone Wants My Business


We know that the retail industry is changing rapidly. Leaders like Amazon, Target, Nordstrom, and a handful of others are changing what consumers expect from their shopping experience.

I look at it this way. As a marketer, I know that not every business should target every customer. If you try to please everyone, you please no one. So if a business isn’t making it easy for me to buy, then I must not be their target customer and they must not want my business.

Remember the old Jeff Foxworthy line, “You might be a redneck if…”?  A similar line works well in this context.

You don’t want my business if…

You want to charge me $100 to ship $75 worth of merchandise – all of which is already in a box (i.e. not art or furniture). At least offer a “ship to store” option.

You want to sell me a truly beautiful, high quality rug in the four or five figure range… but have no way of sending a fabric or dye sample so that I can check to see if it will match the other fabrics in my room. The only option is to order the rug and hope it works, or pay a FOUR FIGURE restocking fee if it needs to be returned. (NOTE: I realize this is probably an industry standard. Fine. I am not your target customer.)

You take me through a detailed sales process with lots of one-on-one attention… and then ignore me when I inquire about why my deliveries are MIA, months off of the timeline you promised.

(This is my personal favorite)
You sell me a dispenser that takes refills… and then you stop selling the refills at our local store. You also take them off of your website, but you tell me that I am welcome to call a customer service representative who can tell me which stores across the nation still have the refills… and then I can call those stores and ask them to ship me the refills I want, if they still have them in stock.

This occurred just one year after I bought said dispenser. It blows my mind. Fine, discontinue the refills after a year – it happens and I understand that risk. But to put all of the work of tracking down your available stock back into the customer’s hands blows my mind. Seriously – there are at least four other ways you could have handled this situation that would not have left such a nasty taste in my mouth. I haven’t set foot in the store since and I make fun of them all the time.

I would love to hear your stories!  Share on our Facebook page or on Twitter. #YouDontWantMyBusiness

Sitting Balls Down and Picking Them Back Up


So I’ve started to write this blog post about five times. Each time it sounded like I was making excuses for letting the blog go dormant over the last year. Instead let me say this –

Sometimes balls drop and sometimes we have to sit them down for a while.

In late 2015, I was blessed in two ways. First, after some hard work and lots of networking, my pipeline of freelance projects filled to capacity. I was happily busy and employed for many months. It felt great to see my efforts pay off and to expand my client relationships.

Second, my husband and I found out we were pregnant with baby girl #2. We were beyond thrilled with the news… which is a good thing, because it made the HORRIBLE morning sickness a little easier to bear. Unfortunately, my morning sickness lasts a lot longer than the morning and it turns me into an exhausted, cranky, sick nightmare.

Because of our two blessings, I had to take a hard look at my to-do list and decide which balls I was going to keep up in the air, which balls could be thrown away, and which balls I needed to temporarily sit down. I chose to sit the blog ball down for a while, until I could pick it up again with confidence.

Now that our feisty baby girl #2 is here and crawling (yikes!), and my professional life is once again chugging along nicely, I am excited to revisit The Stay Engaged Project. I am not able to commit to multiple weekly postings as I once was, but to steal a hash tag from a good friend, #progressnotperfection will be my motto.

Any burning questions or topics that you would like me to address? Updates on the world to share? Leave a comment or speak up on our Facebook page!

Thanks for reading – feels good to be back 🙂