Resources for Improving Your Cold Emailing Skills

cold emailing skills

Among most of the people I know, cold-calling is akin to public speaking — they dread it, they break out into a cold sweat when they have to do it, and while they can get used to it, they never learn to enjoy it.  For me, it is actually worse.  I’d rather speak in public for days vs. calling someone who doesn’t want to hear from me and trying to convince them to chat.  That’s not to say I’m terrible at cold calling. I’m not particularly bad at it and I’ve garnered some good results in the past.  But I don’t like it. At all. If you do like cold calling, then I have tons of respect for you and congratulations… you probably have a career for life if you want it.

I am much more comfortable with cold emailing.  I like the challenge of coming up with a short email that is worth someone’s time to read, writing an informative headline, getting to the point right away, and hopefully making a good impression without an (arguably) more invasive phone call.  That’s why I was fascinated with Emma Snider‘s recent HubSpot post 8 Hacks to Find Anyone’s Email Address.  Her tips are practical and a few of them were new to me, like the Mail Tester email verification tool. also published a great piece earlier this year about how to cold email powerful executives. The author provides several examples of situations where he secured new opportunities just because he wasn’t afraid to send an email to someone he didn’t know personally.  As he points out in the article, having your email ignored is significantly better than being hung up on!

Still need a little more step by step advice? Try this article from Entrepreneur Magazine: 7 Tricks to Write an Effective Cold Email.  The author’s advice is straightforward — be positive, get to the point, stay informal.  All tips that have worked for me in the past.

Have you secured a new opportunity through a cold email?  I’d love to hear your story.  Please contact me at @RachelLColello or share your thoughts in the comments below.



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