Grown-Ups Deserve Fun Supplies Too

Not surprisingly, I loved back-to-school time as a kid. I loved the change of seasons. I loved starting new classes. And perhaps most of all, I loved getting new school supplies. That is why I am particularly excited to see many “grown-up” magazines touting the value of freshening up your office supplies this fall.

Pens, pencils, and paper still matter. The latest research tells us that there is value in the process of taking notes longhand:

“Students who took notes on laptops tended to transcribe the content verbatim,” Mueller said. Those students took many more notes, but seemed to process what they heard much less. In a test taken a few minutes after completing the lecture, students who had taken notes using longhand performed much better.” – KQED News

Similarly, The Guardian did a rather lengthy article last December debating the value of handwriting vs. typing. It’s author identified several neurologists who question the skills we will lose if we prioritize typing over writing in schools.

So rather than being an afterthought, your office supplies really should matter! Here is some inspiration for pimping out your workspace this fall:

Yoobi   The Yoobi brand has a lot going for it – super cute design, bright colors, and it gives back to our communities. “Yoobi” means “one for you, one for me.” For each item you purchase, the company donates one item to a classroom in the United States. Check out:
Highlight Your World Bundle – possibly the coolest highlighter pack ever, these would make editing and researching so much more fun

Study Kit – I honestly would have used this in graduate school. The world doesn’t use enough index cards these days

CW Pencil Enterprise  CW Pencils is exactly what it sounds like – an online pencil boutique for those of us who like to erase. Personally, I used pencils over pens most of the time, so I’m definitely drawn to their interesting mix of products/eye candy.

Global back-to-school pencil set – contains school pencils selected from around the world (including a school in New Jersey, of all places, which made me laugh)

Cherry Graph Notebook– For the hipster who already has every cool notebook…

Garrett Wade  I discovered Garrett Wade through a Real Simple Magazine article. The company refers to its office supplies as “tools” and they are not joking. Just check out how bad ass their scissors are:

Long paper/fabric scissors

Banker’s scissors

Elegant folding scissors

IPPINKA  IPPINKA was new to me when I started this post, but I love their curated collection of products, selected to meet a very specific set of design principles.

NUboard Whiteboard Notebook – This is easily the coolest thing I have seen in a long time.  Clearly not great for taking notes, but it would be amazing for active brainstorming or really impressive in a 1-on-1 sales presentation.  I could see a small team of marketers mapping out a brand roadmap in a notebook like this.

I would love to hear from you! Please share links to your favorite supplies below…



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