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Practical Practice Management

I do not remember how I first stumbled upon the Practical Practice Management (PPM) blog. Probably just skimming through my WordPress reader. I have been following Tina DelBuono’s posts for several months now and I’m hooked. She seems to read my mind and write about a lot of the topics I want to write about. Here are some more details:

Practical Practice Management is a consulting practice that provides tools and resources to physicians, supervisors and office managers to help “create a more successful medical practice.” The PPM Blog has nothing to do with marketing or leadership, per say… except that most her posts are completely relevant to anyone who has ever worked in an office of any kind.

Here are just a few of my favorite posts:

Great Day for You, But Not for your Co-Worker This is one of the first posts I read that really got me hooked. I love that Tina’s approach feels logical and actionable. You’ll see I commented at the end of the post – I have always found point #5 (Don’t catch the other person’s mood) to be particularly challenging.

Don’t Depend on Others to Motivate You. Obviously this topic is near and dear to my heart, as you can tell from the name of this blog. My only criticism of this post is that she suggests bringing donuts or bagels into the office as a sign of appreciation. I tend to agree with Elizabeth Craft from the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast – we need to do away with the evil donut-bringer. But I agree with the thought and I’m sure there are healthier, non-food options to consider.

How Have You Educated Yourself Today? Again another topic dear to my heart, a quick read, and the advice is practical.

Interrupting Your Coworkers at Work A great reminder that not everything is an emergency.

I hope you find the PPM Blog to be as helpful as I have. Do you have suggestions for other great blogs I should check out? Please share a link in the comments below!


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