Four Ways to Enjoy the End of Summer

enjoying summer at work

It is difficult to stay engaged at work when you hate your life. It is easy to hate your life when you feel like summer has passed you by. There is one month left of summer. Don’t waste it and hate your life.

Here are four ways to have a full time job and still enjoy the last month of summer:

Get outside during the workday. This will mean different things to different people. Maybe instead of eating at your desk, you take your lunch outside. Maybe you walk an extra two blocks in the sunshine to pick up your lunch and then you eat it at your desk. Maybe you grab your cell phone and take 30 minutes of work outside with you in between meetings. It will only get colder, kids. Get outside now.

Eat summer food. Fresh lemonade does not taste as good in December. That is a scientific fact. Same goes for fresh berries, farmer’s market produce, and all the fun flavors of iced tea at Starbucks. I recently discovered this herbal iced tea recipe from Ina Garten and I am in love with it. Drinking it while I’m at my computer feels like a treat… and I’ll be too cold to drink it in November.

Fill up your evenings and weekends. There is nothing worse than waking up after Labor Day and realizing that you never made it to the beach this year. Or to a baseball game. Or to whatever summer event is most important to you. Stop what you are doing and take a look at your August calendar – what other fun stuff can you squeeze in? Have you at least planned something amazing for Labor Day weekend? If your weekends are already spoken for (e.g. weddings, kid’s sports, etc) then make sure you are maximizing your evenings. Even if you need to check work email, do it on the patio with a beverage. And wear bug spray.

Switch up your playlist. Recommended in a recent Newsweek article, updating your playlist for summer will keep you in a sunny state of mind. Need inspiration? TimeOut created a list of the best summer songs ever made. And of course, Billboard published the 20 summer pop songs you need for 2015.

What will you be doing to enjoy August this year?

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