Diving into Blogging 101

diving into blogging

Over the next month or so, I am planning to spend a little bit of blog time participating in the Blogging 101 Course offered by the WordPress Blogging University. To some of you, this probably seems like a strange use of my time. I have been actively growing this blog for over six months, and prior to this year, I regularly blogged for my employers and clients. But I have good reasons for participating:

I still have a lot to learn. While I don’t plan to stop writing and become a WordPress expert, I want to be really comfortable with the platform. And if there are new tricks to running a successful blog, I want to know them ASAP. After all, as I wrote recently, I am trying to get better at asking for help.

Online courses are a thing now. A huge thing. It seems like everyone is designing their own course, hosting a retreat, or participating in someone else’s online course or retreat. I want to see what this trend is all about now, before clients start to ask me about it. This is the first course I have taken online in quite some time, but based on how it goes, I may take more in the future. Would I be interested in hosting my own course someday? I am not sure, but ask me again after I have completed a few more of them.

I want to meet more bloggers! Over the past year, I have become really overwhelmed by the volumes of great content available online. There is way too much content to actually read and internalize it all. So my new strategy is to try to meet the people behind the best content. I want to learn from all the smarty-pants in the world, expand my professional network, and hopefully reciprocate by helping some others meet their goals as well.

Are you participating in Blogging 101? Please say hello in the comments below, on Twitter @RachelLColello, or on Facebook.  I would also love recommendations for other courses to check out!



  1. Hi hope the dive is going well, I’m certainly learning lots and it’s only day 2. Learning as much from the assignments as I am from taking the time to read blogs and posts I would never normally come across.


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