3 Ways to Discuss Productivity with Your Customers


#Productivity is a trending topic right now.

In the last 90 days, over 590 books were released on Amazon.com related to productivity. That is less than leadership and creativity, but productivity and time management are on track to be in the same ball park.

Three of the most popular posts on HBR.org right now are about project managing your life, reducing email, and the importance of going on vacation.

A start-up company in California even invented a food designed to eliminate the need to think about and prepare food, thus freeing up your time to be more productivity.

Why should you care? Because your customers do. Odds are very good that your customers are thinking about productivity – be it the productivity of their employees or the amount of work that they are personally able to accomplish in a day. How can you join that conversation?

  1. Show them how your product or service can make them more productive. You may think you already do this, but get more specific. Actually use the word productive. Create a short infographic explaining exactly how/where/when your product will make your customers more productive. Quantify the time savings or efficiencies as much as possible. Find a customer advocate who can sing your praises and share his or her own results. Make this information easy to find.
  1. Actually help them to be more productive. Forget what you sell… just think about your customer. What can you personally do to make them more productive? Can you shorten their wait times? Can you streamline your email communication? Can you make it easier for them to find information on your website? Do those things. And then tell the customer that you did those things because you care deeply about their productivity, and ultimately, their success.
  1. Set an example – Be more productive yourself. Would you buy specialty-cleaning supplies from a store with dirty floors? Or purchase a houseplant from a florist with dying impatiens in their window boxes? Clean up your own processes. If they were already the best in your industry to begin with, then promote how much better you have made them. Otherwise, just take pride in setting a good example and keeping a clean shop. Your customers will notice and you won’t have to say a thing.

How does the topic of productivity fit into your content marketing plan? Please share your thoughts and resources below or tweet @RachelLColello.


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