My Latest Addiction: The Ask A Manager Blog

Ask A Manager

Have you discovered the Ask A Manager Blog yet? It is so addicting! The blog, published by Alison Green, is basically a “Dear Abby” style column, where people send in questions about how to handle professional situations – typically issues involving their manager, being a manager, or hiring/firing.

Why I love it:

  1. It is almost like reality TV – you can’t turn away from the train wreck. You have to love the opportunity to peek into other people’s crazy work environments. Here are two of the best weird posts:
    1. My team sent me a bag of garbage while I was recovering from surgery
    2. My boss has phone sex with his office door open
  1. At least 80% of the questions fall into the category “Am I crazy, or is this inappropriate?” So many times in my career, I have wondered the exact same thing! Alison provides a reality check and most of the time I agree with her. Her answers are pretty balanced. It is almost like discussing work situations at happy hour with a very experienced, impartial third party. Sometimes you just need to hear someone else say “yes, that is crazy” or “no, that actually sounds reasonable (so suck it up).” I am also a HUGE fan of when Alison clarifies the difference between saying you are uncomfortable with a situation and saying you flat out won’t do something. Too many of us (both men and women) won’t draw lines in the sand and stand up for ourselves, even when it is perfectly reasonable to do so.
  1. Everything is packaged up nicely. Her content is well written. Her website is pretty clean and easy to navigate. The tone of her writing is consistent from the About page to her blog posts. In particular, her About page does a great job of both introducing her blog and giving you a very clear picture of her view of the world. Many small businesses could benefit from structuring their own About pages in a similar way. I always appreciate someone putting quality content into the world.

There are so many interesting posts that are genuinely useful, not like the phone sex creepers above… here are just a few to wet your appetite:

Have you followed Ask a Manager? Please share your favorite posts! Are there any other Q/A style blogs I should check out?


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