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Tranquility du Jour
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The resource: Tranquility du Jour by Kimberly Wilson 

We all have that one female friend who is cursed by her own cuteness (I am lucky enough to have more than one). The unenlightened ignore her in meetings because she insists on taking notes with a pink sparkle pen; despite the fact that 80% of the time she’s the smartest person in the room. She brings bubbly enthusiasm to her projects, which are almost always executed flawlessly, but she is sometimes ignored by “serious professionals.” Kimberly Wilson is that friend.

I have followed Kimberly religiously since I discovered her podcast almost ten years ago. Yes, her website is very pink. Yes, she regularly uses words like “Le Beau,” “Bisous,” and “totally.” But behind all that casual cuteness is a savvy mogul who:

  • Published 6 books
  • Founded one of the top yoga studios in the country – Tranquil Space
  • Runs a successful workshop/retreat/coaching business
  • Launched her own eco-fashion line – TranquiliT
  • Co-launched the Tranquil Space Foundation
  • Earned multiple graduate degrees while keeping her other ventures in the air

I hope to someday interview her for this blog, so that we can all benefit from her experience (obviously she is very good at staying engaged), but today I just want to focus on her podcast interviews.

NOTE: Gentlemen, Kimberly is obviously a little female-focused. If she isn’t your brand of scotch, no offense taken. Check out her equally talented “beau” Tim Mooney – a lawyer turned entrepreneur who has designed his own career to fit his own interests.

The Tranquility Du Jour Podcast is particularly useful for:

  • When you need some career path inspiration – Kimberly has done a fantastic job of finding and interviewing a wide variety of female business owners who ignore “traditional” career paths to define their own. If you have any inkling that you might want to go out on your own someday, these podcasts give you an idea of what that path may look like.
  • When you are fried and you just can’t take it anymore – We’ve all been there, and sometimes we need new ideas on how to keep it together. In almost all of her podcasts, Kimberly asks her interviewees about how they cultivate tranquility in their own lives. She also gives some ideas of her own. Great commute listening after a long, hard week.
  • Practical business advice – One of my favorite podcasts is when Kimberly explains how she secured her first book deal, outlining the process for those of us who may want to try the same thing someday. I’m not ready to start on a proposal tomorrow, but at least now I understand the process!

What you’ll find: gives you access to her entire empire, from books to eco-clothing line (start here). Her podcasts are available on iTunes and also via the Tranquility Du Jour App.

Some podcasts to start with:

Happy listening!

Have another resource I should consider featuring on the blog? Please comment below or find me on twitter @RachelLColello.


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