My Take on 80/20 Sales and Marketing

80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More

There is a lot to love about the book, but depending on your role and your industry, it may not be worth your time to work through it cover to cover.

It is a must read if:

  • You work in online advertising
  • You are responsible for a Google Adwords campaign
  • You live and breathe your company’s sales funnel
  • You are starting an online business
  • You are struggling in a sales or marketing role because you have too much to do and you find it difficult to prioritize your work

It is a nice book to skim for:

  • Anyone in sales
  • Anyone who supports the sales team or the sales funnel of a business
  • Entrepreneurs (there are many other “must reads” for entrepreneurs, but Marshall gives good direction on how to focus and prioritize your efforts)
  • People who model sales and marketing programs to determine expected results – his approach may augment the methodology you are already using

Skip it if:

  • You work on the brand or design team

Overall, the book gives a nice introduction to the concept of 80/20. I thought I was familiar with it, but Marshall’s explanation definitely deepened my understanding. He goes into detail on how to apply this concept in sales and marketing, primarily focusing on:

  • Feeding your sales funnel
  • Online sales/advertising opportunities
  • Making the most of your own professional efforts through prioritization and time management

If you do any kind of online lead generation through advertising, Google Adwords, etc, it is worth your time to at least skim this book and check out the calculators that he has built.  There is absolutely a science to online advertising and there is no reason why anyone should reinvent the wheel at this point.

Marshall is not in business to create “beautiful work” or “good work for good work’s sake,” as the design of his website demonstrates. He uses very casual sales language throughout the book, including regular use of “ain’t,” which grated on my nerves. But that is 100% ok. He is entitled to his own voice and he is focusing on the aspects of his work that will bring him the highest financial rewards.

The book is best consumed in hard copy. It is packed with chapter summaries and graphics, which aren’t effective in audio form. Marshall also strays off topic from time to time, so it is useful to be able to flip past paragraphs or sections that don’t apply to your own work.

My biggest disappointment? When I found out that his website is “giving away” paperback copies of the book I paid full price for. Here is the link (please be sure to read his policies before entering any contact info).



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