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Nothing is more frustrating or dis-engaging than feeling like you don’t have the support or tools that you need to do your job. The web is a big big place… so big, that we often need help to find the best of what is out there. Over time, I will try to highlight some new resources that I find useful for staying at the top of my game. I hope you’ll share yours too.

Harvard Business ReviewThe site: Harvard Business Review (

Particularly useful for:

  • When you have a big idea for a strategy, but you need to sell it to a client or superior – sure, you could find some case studies in the media or blogosphere, but why not go straight to Harvard? Visit this site to search for researched articles and case studies to support your idea, and walk into your pitch meeting with confidence.
  • When your business, department, or client is facing a major issue and you aren’t sure how to wrap your brain around it – Visit this site to see what the latest research says about pricing, conflict resolution, or customer data analysis. There are best practices for almost everything in business… the goal is to find the BEST best practice to consider applying in your particular situation.
  • When you have a job interview, new client lunch, or coffee with a mentor – Visit this site to skim the top headlines or go to the “Big Ideas” section and brush up on what is new and sexy in the Harvard Business world. While I’m all about reading great business books, this site is a smart way to see what’s new without investing time in a New York Times Bestseller.

What you’ll find:

The site’s menu allows you to navigate to The Latest, Most Popular, Big Ideas, and All Topics. If you have a specific issue or question, I’d recommend going straight to All Topics or the search bar at the top of every page. If you are prepping for a job interview, then by all means, check out The Latest or the Big Ideas sections.

Here are some links that sucked me in while I was working on this post –


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