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The Stay Engaged Experiment is now on Facebook! Check us out at

To celebrate our new page, here are a few fun Facebook facts:

  • Each month, 1.3B people actively use Facebook (that number is a little conservative)
  • Half (48%) of all Facebook users log in on any given day, spending an average of 18 minutes on the site
  • Half of users ages 18-34 check Facebook as soon as they wake up, and almost 1/3 (28%) of them check Facebook before they even get out of bed
  • Users have an average of 130 friends (I’ll pause so that you can go judge your own popularity based on that number… you know you will)
  • 75% of all Facebook users are outside of the United States and 70 different languages are available on the site

(All stats from

Much of my experience is in the B2B marketing community, which has primarily ignored Facebook.  KISSmetrics just did a blog post about why some high profile companies are shutting down their Facebook pages.  The post is great – it outlines the reasoning for and against business Facebook pages, which can help you to decide if Facebook is right for your company.  If it is, this infographic from the Social Media Business Academy is a little dated but still useful:

Facebook post cheat sheet

What are your go-to Facebook resources or tips? Please share in the comments or on our Facebook page!


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