3 Ways to Avoid a Bad Customer Experience

I had a bad customer experience recently. I have been debating if I feel comfortable disclosing the name of the perpetrator, but I have decided that there is enough negativity in the world and it was a harmless mistake, so I’m not going to.

So without naming names, I provided the perp with my email address in response to an online offer. The offer made no mention of their email newsletter. Unfortunately, when I received the automated confirmation email from their system, it ONLY mentioned the email newsletter and made NO MENTION of the original offer I was responding to. Being in marketing myself, I fully understand that the offer was a way for the perp to collect email addresses for marketing purposes. But let’s improve our communication ok? At least pretend that you care that I responded to your offer. At least make sure I actually receive the benefit of said offer before you start talking about your email newsletter. Now I don’t trust the site, I declined the newsletter, and I will most likely never visit the site again.

The sad thing is, I know it was just an oversight. Someone forgot to update the auto responder when they posted the offer. We’re all busy and it could happen to any of us. But that oversight lost them a potential customer. So how can we avoid the same slimy feeling fate?

  1. Plan campaigns, avoid one-off tactics. Quick and easy tactics to grow email lists are very tempting. But as we all know…
    (Image credit: MadCityHaunt.com)

    Campaigns force you to plan in advance, which in turn, will hopefully force you to think through the campaign’s full customer experience.

  2. Test with fresh eyes. Even if you feel like your company or campaign is too small for a full-scale user test, at least ask a coworker or friend to test out your offer. Fresh eyes may catch the mistakes that can hurt your brand.
  3. Try it yourself. No seriously – every single time you add something new to a website, product or program, please try it for yourself. It is so simple and yet so easy to skip.

Do you have tips for avoiding customer experience mistakes? Share them below or tweet me @RachelLColello.


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