What is your Workday Breakfast?

Hot tea for breakfast

I used to be a big fan of the WSJ column “What’s Your Workout?”. I liked looking into successful people’s lives and seeing that they juggle a crazy schedule, just like the rest of us do. My favorite profiles weren’t the over achieving executives who ran companies while training for triathlons. Instead, I loved the people who just built basic health and fitness into their day. I can’t find the exact column online anymore, but I remember a top ballet executive who walked several miles through Manhattan to and from her office each day. That, plus a few hours of ballet or yoga classes a week, made up her workout. She was beautiful, healthy, and just seemed so balanced.

So along those same lines, I thought I would do a little research into what successful professionals eat for breakfast.


As a woman who’s been very open about her health, Oprah recently spoke with The Guardian about what she eats for breakfast every morning. These days it is typically a bowl of oatmeal with nuts and fruit and her breakfast smoothie: half a banana, peach yogurt, fresh or frozen berries, a teaspoon of almond butter (or peanut butter) and orange juice.

Tech entrepreneurs

Tech.co did a great piece on what 50+ tech entrepreneurs eat for breakfast. Their breakfasts range from ultra healthy smoothies to candy bars. My favorites:

  • “A breakfast ritual: cottage cheese and hot sauce with a hot coffee and almond milk. Make sure that it is Sriracha on the table every morning!” – Brian Neman, CEO of Sanguine (sounds weird to me, but also kind of nutritious)
  • “Every day for about 10 years I’ve eaten a Chunky KitKat. It’s not the US version. I get my chocolate stash shipped in from my parents in the UK each month and have a chocolate cupboard that no one else is allowed to go near. I’m very protective over my British candy and have to eat at least one bar for breakfast daily.” – Heddi Cundle, big cheese at MyTab (points for honesty)
  • “Kale / beet / frozen berry smoothie with coconut water, one fried egg” – Russell Benaroya, cofounder and CEO of EveryMove (obviously a fitness company)
  • “First I have a cup of coffee. After that I go for a walk with the dog. Once done with the walk, I eat two pieces of toast bread, each of them with a layer of Dutch Gouda cheese, another one containing British mustard, and a final one on top with slices of Hungarian Salami (special sausage).” – Gabor Sved, cofounder and CEO of Ask a Stranger (that actually sounds amazing)

Lauren Schmitt, MS, RD, CPT @laurenschmittRD

Lauren was interviewed about the best breakfast foods to eat for improved focus. She recommends one of the following combos to avoid brain fog and maintain steady energy throughout the morning:

  • Greek yogurt, high fiber cereal or oats, flax seeds, and berries
  • Whole wheat English muffin with eggs and avocado (and she says to pay the extra dollar for eggs with added omega-3s)

And since we’re talking about it, this morning I had two cups of coffee with vanilla creamer and some leftover egg casserole from yesterday’s brunch.

When I was doing research for this post, I came across this – Why You Shouldn’t Give a Shit What Successful People Eat for Breakfast. She’s not wrong. But I’d argue that having an eagerness to learn from another’s success isn’t the same thing as trying to blindly copy them and expecting that to make us rich. And I’m certainly not suggesting that people are successful because of the amount of protein they consume in a day. But I’m curious about it. And I like knowing that “successful” people are human


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