Give a Gift, Rather Than Offering a Deal

I stumbled upon while researching a future blog post and I was struck by the effectiveness of this pop-up window: pop-up window

It seems like every retail site has a pop-up window upon entry these days.  Most of them offer 10-15% off (barely covering sales tax) in exchange for your email address.

email offer 1 email offer 2 email offer 3 email offer 3

This is different. James Clear has a gift for you and wants to know where to send it.  He isn’t asking for anything in return (not overtly). And he clearly states why you should want the gift – it will help you to build better habits and improve performance.  The only thing I would change would be to shorten the copy.

Clear seems to carry this “let me tell you what I can do for you” theme throughout his site:

James Clear screenshot

What a great example of putting the audience first and trying to be truly helpful, rather than just selling.  Clear’s tactics won’t work in every situation, but I applaud the fresh, helpful approach!


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