You Only Need 10 Slides to Pitch An Idea


I believe infographics can absolutely be over used, but this is an example of a great one.  I snapped it up on Pinterest as soon as I saw it and couldn’t wait to share it with you.

When we prepare for pitches, we pump ourselves up.  For most of us, walking into a pitch meeting is nerve-wracking, so we need a little adrenaline to even start working on the slide deck.  You want to pound your chest, yell “I’m awesome!” and show 30 slides illustrating that point.  Of course, we know that is the exact opposite of what you should do.  Whether you are pitching a new business, an idea for a new product, or a new marketing plan, you do NOT need 30 slides.  Use these 10 slides as starting place. Add in additional slides with data, if needed, to support your key points.  Then sleep on it.  The next day, go back through the deck and cut it back down to 10-15 slides, putting any extra data slides in an appendix at the end, so that you’ll have them in your pocket only if absolutely required.

What else do you do to prep your slides before a pitch?



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