Five Things I Love About The User is Drunk

The User is Drunk screenshot

If you haven’t heard of him yet, meet Richard of Richard started a side business where people can pay him to get drunk and review their websites.

This is awesome in five ways (probably more):

1. He is real. Richard is a real person, with actual proven developer experience, who will imbibe alcohol and then review your site for you for a reasonable fee with no liability on your part.

2. His videos are funny. Kind of like Drunk History, but different and more useful. By watching the videos, you could actually learn something. Try it. Sounds like a nice relaxing evening activity with your own beverage of choice.

3. His own website is well designed. Great photo. You don’t even have to think – it just feeds you the most important information first and then makes it easy to read the rest when you want to learn more. Not only a smart business move, but it also demonstrates that he actually knows what he is talking about.

4. He gets points for responsibility. He briefly addresses alcoholism and has a plan in place to keep himself healthy, which keeps this whole endeavor funny rather than sad.

5. His business model is beautifully simple. He has a core competency that other people need. The fee for his service is crystal clear, and as he clearly states, he can raise or lower his fee to control his demand. I’d love to hear an 80/20 expert breakdown how brilliantly he has allocated his efforts.

Obviously, this is not something that should be done on a large scale. As my husband and I joked, I don’t think other “drunk services” need to be added to the marketplace (e.g. “drunk proofreading… your writing should be so clear that even a drunk person can understand it”). But The User is Drunk is worth looking at, if only as an example of how simplicity + a sense of humor wins.

Follow Richard at and


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