Curating the News


Do you remember when there were only three ways to consume the news – the newspaper, the radio, and the TV?

Of course you don’t, no one does any more. I was recently explaining to someone how every evening my dad would always “shush” us during the PBS NewsHour, when it hit me… DVR’s didn’t exist then, so he couldn’t pause it or rewind to hear something he missed. WSJ had already published for the day and wouldn’t come out again until the next morning. He didn’t have the Internet. That television show was his only shot at hearing any business news until the next morning (critical information for an investor) and his loud kids made it hard for him to hear it.

Our experience is so radically different today. Now we curate our own news. My dad (still investing), my husband (also in finance), and myself (marketing) each have our own systems in place for consuming the news each day. The one thing we all have in common is that we weed out the news that isn’t important to us and we avoid the “consumption methods” that we do not find convenient.

Here is a rough picture of what my current informal system looks like:

Upon waking: Scan several apps on my phone NBC Chicago News, Instagram, Facebook, Feedly (to follow a mix of biz and non-biz blogs) and Hootsuite (also following a mix of biz-related and non-biz-related Twitter feeds).

During morning routine: Casually listen to/watch CBS This Morning (specifically chosen because they actually cover the news – Thank you, Gayle, Charlie, and Norah!).

Throughout the day: Listen to NPR via the NPR app on my phone – typically listening to the short Newscast updates, specific programs (I’m a fan of the TED Radio Hour), or catching up on global news via the BBC News broadcasts. I also love listening to audio books, particularly for Nonfiction/Marketing/Business/Leadership books, but that is another blog post.

End of the day: I might throw on the evening news while we are getting dinner ready, but that is typically just to listen for the weather and/or local news.

I’ll usually rotate through the apps on my phone a few times throughout the day before putting away my tech toys for the end of the night. That typically includes Pinterest as well, but more when I want to kill time or look up inspiration for something specific, etc. I find that Pinterest is almost replacing my magazine reading habit – I’m consuming the same types of information via Pinterest that I used to search for in women’s magazines (though the subscriptions are so cheap these days, I still receive a couple each month).

I’m sure I’m missing a lot of other fantastic news sources out there, but I find that with my system, I’m learning all of the important basics while avoiding the stuff I don’t care about. What does your system look like? How do your curate the information you consume each day?


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